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Our Mission:

Our mission at SWAT Personal Training is to create a unique personal training experience which empowers clients to make physical and lifestyle changes that enhance their personal, professional, and emotional lives.

Our Motto

We don't follow trends; we CREATE them....


  • To be known for superior customer service, unique training methods, outstanding trainers, and cutting-edge programming.

  • To be known as a local and national leader in the industry, and to set the standard for personal training and business practices.

  • To seek out and provide unique fitness modalities that will benefit as many people as possible. We don’t follow trends; we CREATE them.

  • To make business decisions with fairness, honesty and integrity, and always with the client’s best interest in mind. Business practices and policies are made to improve the experience of our clients

  • To be client-centered; where we build strong interpersonal relationships with our clients and provide a safe, friendly and fun workout environment that makes everyone who walks in the door feel comfortable, important, and empowered.

  • To hire, train and develop the very best trainers in Tucson, and to create an atmosphere where they feel appreciated and valued. To promote our trainers as local fitness experts, and as leaders in the community.

  • To create a team environment where trainers act cooperatively, and are committed to sharing their expertise with others through education, marketing, professional development and community service.

  • To providing continuing education and ongoing training for our trainers that will improve their repertoire and establish them as leaders.

the swat fitness philosophy

At SWAT Fitness and Personal Training, we know that reaching your fitness goals involves more than willpower, desire, or ability.

Our philosophy is to utilize functional training methods to improve your health and life - not just the way you look. We know that reaching your goals involves being emotionally excited about your fitness program and your progress.

Our nationally certified trainers are great motivators, to ensure you stick to the program and are experiencing the results you desire. Your workouts with your trainer will be challenging, interesting, and fun, making it easier for you to adopt or maintain a habit of fitness that will benefit you now and as you get older.

When you are physically active, motivated, challenged, and emotionally revved up, then positive results are virtually impossible to avoid.  We emphasize exercise, proper nutrition, relaxation and self-care, as well as identifying and overcoming obstacles that keep you from achieving success.

At SWAT, we believe that there are three essential elements of lifestyle wellness and optimum health which comprise our philosophy of fitness:

The Body

The Mind

The Spirit

At SWAT we strive to target all three, giving you the best chance at success—whatever your current fitness level is, or your future fitness goals may be. 


SWAT offers personalized exercise and nutrition prescriptions that identify and enhance your strengths, while strengthening areas of weakness. You can benefit from one-on-one training, small group fitness training, Pilates, weight loss seminars, running clinics, and much more.


Your SWAT trainer will prepare you to implement healthy lifestyle strategies for life.  We teach you what to do, how to do it, and why to do it. With mental techniques you can learn to change the way you think—and feel—about yourself


Our Lifestyle / Wellness Coach can help you identify patterns of thinking and behaving that may be holding you back.  You’ll set goals, stop self-sabotaging, and work on attaining balance in your life. We work with you to improve the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you define success, helping you to have a more optimistic attitude, and a more realistic definition of “success.”

Get started today on a comprehensive nutrition and exercise program that can change your body, change your mind, and change your life!

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