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Kevin Woodman

Kevin Woodman, Sports Talk Show, Radio Host
1290 The Source
"In the House" with Glenn Parker

"I just have to say Thank You, Ron, for all your help and support - and especially for not giving up on me when I've had my setbacks (hernia, pneumonia.)

I am down 41 pounds but more importantly I feel stronger than I have ever felt and feel like I am 20 again!

And yes, there WILL be a killer "after" photo!"


I began at 405 lbs. I am now at 311.

I have lost 94 pounds. It has taken me about 4 months.

I give an enormous amount of credit to SWAT Fitness. I workout at SWAT Crossfit 5 days a week doing the Crossfit and Kettlebell classes.

The Trainers there, Will and David, have inspired and informed me in so many ways...they genuinely care about my progress and I didn't really start to lose weight until I "bought in" to what they were teaching me. It has literally changed my life and there aren't many things during a lifetime you can say that about.

This is a very emotional issue for me as I am sure it is for anyone who has been obese. SWAT's approach to my health has transformed me not only physically but I now mentally and emotionally see food and fitness as on on-going journey and not an end-game. I've crossed over into a lifestyle...it's no longer a diet.

I went shopping for clothes in my own closet the other day and fit into pants and shorts I haven't been able to wear for over 15 years!

I have been transformed. Thank you Ron, Jana, and SWAT!


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